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The North American Breeding Bird Survey Results and Analysis 1966-2005

Analysis of BBS results by Bird Conservation Region
State and regional results are available on the main website

Version 2006.1

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD

Most Recent Update: 31 May 2007

Technical notes:
(1) This is the first release of the 1966 - 2006 analysis, and we ask for public comments. Because this analysis is a new product, we suggest that you carefully review results before use, and report possible problems to us.
(2) Starting this year, Bird Conservation Regions (BCRs) are going to be used as the primary physiographic strata for the analysis. BCRs were developed to provide a coherent spatial framework for conservation planning efforts under the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) . These regions were derived from existing physiographic strata (see map and explanation at the Bird Studies Canada BCR site.
Please review the Comparative Analysis Section , in which we provide results from the historic BBS strata analysis, the 1966-2006 BCR analysis, and the 1966 - 2005 BCR analysis.
(3) There are probably a few species naming issues that lead to empty result pages. Please bring these to our attention, and we will correct them.
(4) Some species are grouped for analysis. These are indicated on the selection lists. Note that, in this review version of the program, we also provide analysis of certain ungrouped taxa as well.

General Information

Survey Results

Group Analysis:

Species Groups: Analysis of Change for Species Groups by BCR
Summary information on population change by region and time period

Species Analysis:

Interactive Species Trend and Indices Program
This program allows you to display BCR-level trends for 3 time intervals, by species. Indices are provided as links from the species names

Region Analysis:

Interactive Regional Trend and Indices Program
This program allows you to display trends for 3 time intervals, by BCR. Indices are provided as links from the region names

Comparative Period and Dataset Analysis:

Comparison with earlier years and strata
This program allows you to display state and survey-wide trends for 3 different analyses (1966-2006 analysis with BBS strata, 1966-2006 analysis with BCR strata, and 1966-2005 analysis with BCR strata). This allows you to see the differences among analyses