Program SURVIV

SURVIV - Computes estimates of survival (or any model parameter) with multinomially distributed data.
            White, G.C.. 1992. PC SURVIV User's Manual. Dept. of Fishery
            and Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
You can enter an ASCII text file in the box below. The file should look like a SURVIV input file (eg:

proc title 'test job';
proc model npar=4 addcell;
cohort=23 /* 1993 */;
cohort=24 /* 1994 */;
cohort=25 /* 1995 */;
cohort=25 /* 1996 */;
proc estimate novar name=one;
constraints; s(2)=s(1); s(3)=s(1); s(4)=s(1);
proc estimate novar name=two;
proc test; proc stop;