Snow goose Chen caerulescens

Identification Tips:

White phase-adult

White phase-immature

Blue phase-adult

Blue phase-immature

Similar species:

The white phase of the Snow Goose is similar to widely-escaped domesticated barnyard goose. Note that the Snow Goose has black primaries and a distinctive bill pattern. Domesticated geese have white primaries and, often, an entirely orange bill. White phase Ross' Goose is extemely similar to the white phase Snow Goose. The Ross' Goose is smaller with a stubbier bill without the black patch on the mandibles. It also appears rounder-headed with a shorter neck. Immature white phase Snow Goose is darker-backed than the immature white phase Ross' Goose. The rare blue phase of the Ross' Goose can be separated from the similar blue phase of the Snow Goose by the same structural characteristics already mentioned. Hybrids between Ross' and Snow Geese have intermediate characteristics. The immature blue phase is similar to the immature White-fronted Goose but has dark legs and bill.