Iceland gull Larus glaucoides

Identification Tips:

Adult alternate:

Adult basic:



Third year:

Similar species:

Glaucous Gulls are quite similar to Iceland Gulls but are larger, have larger bills, flatter heads, and, at rest, shorter wingtips that barely project beyond the end of the tail. First-winter Glaucous Gulls have pink-based, not black, bills. Herring Gulls have black wingtips as adults and much darker plumage as immatures. Thayer's Gulls are similar in size and shape but have darker wingtips and eyes as adults and darker, tail bands and flight feathers as immatures. Thayer's also has a slightly bigger bill and its wingtips do not appear as long at rest. Some individuals may not be separable in the field, as Thayer's Gull can be quite pale. Other gulls have darker mantles, wingtips, or tails.