Pomarine jaeger Stercorarius pomarinus

Identification Tips:

Adult light morph:

Adult dark morph:



Similar species:

Young Pomarine Jaegers look superficially like first-year Herring Gulls but have a more powerful, direct flight and white patches on the primaries visible from above and below the wing. Skuas are similar as well but are bulkier, thicker-necked, with much more prominent wing patches. Jaegers look most similar to each other. Size and shape often isthe best way to distinguish the three species: note the Pomarine's larger size, heavyset body, broad-based wings, and thick, angular bill. Adult Pomarines can be safely identified by either their long, spoon-shaped central tail feathers or their mottled breast band. The light phase has a heavier breast band than the Parasitic Jaeger. Juvenile jaegers are very difficult to tell apart but the tail feather shape is still diagnostic though subtle and the uppertail covert pattern is useful as well. Long-tailed Jaeger is very small and dainty and should rarely be confused with Pomarine.