Bird Species' Occurrences Documented Prior to, but not Since, 1980

Lesser Scaup1
King Rail2
Long-tailed Duck1
Pectoral Sandpiper1
Stilt Sandpiper1
Red-necked Phalarope1
Black Tern1

Information Source

  1. Taylor, J.W. 1949. The Kenilworth Area. The Wood Thrush 4:100-104.
  2. Coues, E., and D.W. Prentiss. 1883. Avifauna Columbiana: being a list of birds ascertained to inhabit the District of Columbia, with the times of arrival and departure of such as are non-residents, and brief notices of habits, etc. Bulletin of the U.S. National Museum No. 26, 2nd Ed., 133 pp.

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This list compiled on 01/08/01 by Deanna K. Dawson and Gregory A. Gough and last updated on 01/26/01

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