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North American Breeding Bird Survey 1966 - 2015 Analysis

This page allows you to extract trend results by species for intervals 1966-2015 and 1993-2015. Starting in 2015, BBS results have been presented for a "Core" survey area (strata in which at least some routes have data extending from 1968 to present), and for an "Expanded" survey area that contains the Core strata as well as several non-Core strata in Alaska and northern Canada that were not consistently surveyed prior to 1993. Of the 548 species for which we estimate trends, 426 of them occur in the Core Region (Core Species), and for those species we present trends both for core strata and for Expanded area strata. For Core Species, results for both 1966-2017 and 1993-2017 are presented for Core portions of US, Canada, and Survey-wide for these species. Regions that are labeled as "Expanded" are based on all strata (Core and non-Core) and results for those regions are only computed for 1993-2017. The remaining 122 species (i.e., Non-core Species) only (or primarily) occur in the Expanded survey area, and for these species we only present results for expanded regions over the interval 1993-2017.

Trend Estimates by Species

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Species summary results presented here have been extracted from peer-reviewed analyses of BBS data. Spreadsheets containing results of these analyses for all species and regions are published on the USGS Sciencebase archive, at:

Full Metadata for these analyses with technical details are available here: See the BBS Summary and Analysis Website for alternative summaries and cautions regarding use.