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Trend Summaries for Bird Conservation Regions

DRAFT 1966- 2002 Analysis site, 28 January 2003
This site is for review only, and the numbers have not yet been verified. Please do not cite without permission!
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Please select the region of interest:

Aleutian/Bering Sea Islands
Western Alaska
Arctic Plains and Mountains
Northwestern Interior Forest
Northern Pacific Rainforest
Boreal Taiga Plains
Taiga Shield and Hudson Plains
Boreal Softwood Shield
Great Basin
Northern Rockies
Prairie Potholes
Boreal Hardwood Transition
Lower Great Lakes/ St. Lawrence Plain
Atlantic Northern Forest
Sierra Nevada
Southern Rockies/colorado Plateau
Badlands and Prairies
Shortgrass Prairie
Central Mixed Grass Prairie
Edwards Plateau
Oaks and Prairies
Eastern Tallgrass Prairie
Prairie Hardwood Transition
Central Hardwoods
West Gulf Coastal Plain/ouachitas
Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Southeastern Coastal Plain
Appalachian Mountains
New England/mid-atlantic Coast
Peninsular Florida
Coastal California
Sonoran and Mojave Deserts
Sierra Madre Occidental
Chihuahuan Desert
Tamaulipan Brushlands
Gulf Coastal Prairie