The Patuxent Bird Quiz!

The quiz has 4 parts: Basic distribution maps, Advanced distribution maps, Basic bird pictures, and Basic bird songs. Each part consists of 5 mystery birds. When you click on a question, you are presented with a picture and 10 choices. The quiz will let you know if you guessed correctly! The quiz is updated every hour.

More details about the quiz

Basic map quiz:

(Question 1) (Question 2) (Question 3) (Question 4) (Question 5)

Advanced map quiz:

(Question 1 (Question 2) (Question 3) (Question 4) (Question 5)

Basic bird picture quiz

(Question 1 (Question 2) (Question 3) (Question 4) (Question 5)

Bird song quiz

(Question 1 (Question 2) (Question 3) (Question 4) (Question 5)
Warning: because the game refreshes every hour and most browsers retain the files in local memory, the game should not be played over the hour changes (e.g., from 10:57-11:03). Playing the game during the transitions will not hurt anything, but could get confusing because the answers will no longer reflect the questions.