Welcome to the Patuxent Bird Quiz!

Working at Patuxent, you soon realize that (1) the bird researchers here know their birds very well and (2) they do not hesitate to use that knowledge to make statisticians and computer jocks feel inferior. So, to teach the hot birders something about humility, the statisticians and computer jocks devised this game. Most reasonable people will agree that the game is quite challenging.

The quiz now has 4 parts: Basic distribution maps, Advanced distribution maps, Basic bird pictures, and Basic bird songs . Each part consists of 5 mystery birds. When you click on a number, you are presented with a picture and 10 choices. You will be informed whether you guessed correctly. The 5 mystery bird selections are replaced every hour, so you can play a different game each time you access the home page.

There are 2 levels of the distribution map part of the game: basic and advanced. Try the basic first. Then, if you feel lucky, try the advanced.

The photograph part of the game is still pretty easy because we only have a limited number of photographs. Make sure your browser has the capability to display jpg images before trying the photograph game! We note that Mosaic does not directly display the photographs, and we provide a separate display option for Mosaic users.

The song part of the quiz requires the ability to read ".au" files. We only have 1 computer with a sound card, and it uses program Mosaic, hence our abilities to understand how well this works is somewhat limited. Please let us know if you have difficulties using the sound files.


We are doing some debugging of the game program, so it may be a bit unstable (e.g., changing at odd times). Sorry for the inconvenience!
Warning: because the game refreshes every hour and most browsers retain the files in local memory, the game should not be played over the hour changes (e.g., from 10:57-11:03). Playing the game during the transitions will not hurt anything, but could get confusing because the answers will no longer reflect the questions.