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The North American Breeding Bird Survey: Results and Analysis 1966-1996

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center,
United States Department of the Interior, Laurel, MD, USA

Chan Robbins Picture Dedicated to

Chandler S. Robbins

Originator of the Survey
to Honor his 50 Years of Government Service

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Sauer, J. R., J. E. Hines, G. Gough, I. Thomas, and B. G. Peterjohn. 1997. The North American Breeding Bird Survey Results and Analysis. Version 96.2. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD

Most Recent Update: 21 March 1997. Warning!This is a review version of the 1996 analysis and summary. There are still some rough edges showing, and we would appreciate hearing your comments and suggestions!

General Information

Survey Results

Interactive Regional Trend Program
This program allows you to display trends for 3 time intervals, by either species or region.
Interactive Graphing Program
This program allows you to display annual indices of abundance for any species in any region.
Abundance Maps-Spatial Patterns of Bird Abundance
These are preliminary versions of the new abundance maps, estimated over the interval 1982-1996.
Trend Maps-Spatial Patterns of Bird Population Change
These are maps of population change, based on the 1966-1995 interval.
Species Groups: Distribution and Change Maps
These are maps of observed species richness and composite population change, for all species and 12 species groupings of management interest.

Under Development

State Bird Checklists
These lists provide mean abundances for all species encountered on the BBS in a state/province, summarized by physiographic region.
Relative abundance maps
This program allows you to estimate mean abundance from BBS data for any species, at any location in the survey area. (Sorry, no Alaska data in this yet. Maybe next week!)
Alaska relative abundance maps
These maps, based on BBS data in Alaska, are very rough. We will update them occasionally.

Analytical Tools

Interactive Route Data Summary
This program allows you to estimate (and plot) population change for any species, on any BBS route.
Interactive Route-regression Trend Analysis
This program allows you to estimate population change for any species and time interval, in any region covered by the BBS

Learning Tools

Tools for Learning about Birds
This link transfers you to the species identification section, in which is contained pictures, songs, and identification tips of most North American Bird Species.
Species accounts
This link transfers you to the species information section, that contains links to species-specific information such as life history, identification, distribution maps, pictures, and songs.
Play the Patuxent Bird Quiz!
Test your skills of identifying North American bird songs, pictures, and breeding and wintering distributions.
The Migratory Bird Research Home Page
Check out some of our ongoing research projects on migratory birds.

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