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The North American Breeding Bird Survey Results and Analysis 1966-1996

Archival Version of 1966 - 1996 Analysis

Summary results are available, but interactive features for data
analysis have been removed.
Most recent data and interactive analysis programs can be accessed through this link

Dedicated to Chandler S. Robbins, originator of the survey, to honor his 50 years of government service

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Sauer, J. R., J. E. Hines, G. Gough, I. Thomas, and B. G. Peterjohn. 1997. The North American Breeding Bird Survey Results and Analysis. Version 96.4. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD

Most Recent Update: 29 July 1997.
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General Information About the North American Breeding Bird Survey

Survey Results for the Period 1966 - 1996

Species Groups: Distribution and Change Maps Summary information on population change by region and time period
Regional Trend results This page allows you to display trends for 3 time intervals, by species.
Abundance Maps-Spatial Patterns of Bird Abundance These are relative abundance maps, estimated over the interval 1982-1996.
Trend Maps-Spatial Patterns of Bird Population Change These are maps of population change, based on the 1966-1996 interval.
Alaska relative abundance maps These maps are based on BBS data from Alaska.
State Bird Checklists These lists provide mean abundances for all species encountered on the BBS in a state/province, summarized by physiographic region.