Authors- Listed Alphabetically

Jim Hines

Computer Programmer-Developed program VUBBS, which was used to generate most of the maps and index graphs in the home page. Co- wrote trend analysis programs. Did all the hard stuff associated with programming and systems work for analyses, graphics, and summary programs.

Jane Fallon

Geographic Information System Specialist-In charge of preparing maps and summary and display of geographic components of the survey. E-mail:

Keith Pardieck

BBS Coordinator-Takes care of all aspects of coordinating the survey and preparing data for analysis. Primary source of information regarding the survey.

John R. Sauer

Wildlife Biologist/Statistician-Conducted analyses, contributed to development of maps and index graphs. Author of trend analysis program. Primary writer for technical discussions of analyses, and overall designer of Home Page. Call him with complaints. E-mail:.

All of these people can be reached at:

U. S. Department of the Interior Eastern Ecological Science Center, 11410 American Holly Drive, Laurel, MD, 20708.


Many people have contributed to the success of both the BBS and the development of this Home Page. Chan Robbins developed the survey, and has played a major role in maintaining it over time. Paul Geissler developed the trend analysis procedure, and Bill Link has extended the methods in recent years. Edith Thompson designed the BBS logo, and Barbara Dowell and Louise Augustine contributed the photographs of Chan Robbins. Paul Keywood provided important assistance with graphics and scanning. Many people have peer-reviewed aspects of the home page. We particularly thank Deanna Dawson, Mike Erwin, Gregory Gough, Chan Robbins and Marcia Wilson for comments, reviews, and other contributions. Greg Gough has contributed many hours of editing files, transcribing songs, and checking the Home Page.

We note that Sandra Schwartz, who played an important role in earlier versions of the page, has taken another job and is no longer involved in the GIS components of the page. We thank her for the many hours of effort, and good ideas, that she contributed to the development of the page. Ian Thomas also assisted in preparation of maps, and we thank him for his contribution.

Finally, we thank the BBS volunteer observers, who have donated their time and effort to monitoring North American Birds. We hope that this Home Page is evidence that their efforts provide vital support for bird conservation.